1/365: A Fresh Start

1.365 8x10 fresh start I started a 365 project last year and made it something like 43 days before I got so far behind I gave up. I’ve been admiring the projects of a couple of friends, though, all year long, and I’d like to give it another go. Photography is something I genuinely enjoy, but it gets pushed aside too often by the urgent. I have two words I’m focusing on in 2016: one is “creativity”, because that’s an important part of me that needs to be fed, and is too often neglected. The other? Presence, because I’m easily distracted of late by irrelevant things, and I’d rather focus on my family. Especially with new baby coming along soon. (Davey rudely reminded me last night that we only have about three months to go. “Now you’re making me nervous!” I said.)

8x10 freckle handA bonus picture!  This is Evie’s freckle hand.  She has exactly two freckles: this one on her right hand and another on her left thigh.  I love knowing someone so intimately that you notice even something as tiny as a new freckle.  Also, her freckle hand always makes her giggle.


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