4/365 Evie Feeds The Cats

4.365 Evie Feeds The CatsI don’t know why she was looking so spacey, but she had a great time in the barn tonight.  We’ve had a cold going around – sore throat, stuffy head, even dizziness, toward the end – and I figured Evie could use the fresh air to help her kick this cold.  So out she came!

Here’s something interesting, though: The two of us who go out to the barn every day have not gotten sick, in spite of intimate contact with sick people (like full-on drooly kisses from this sweetie-pie).  This is not an unusual occurrence.  Most of the time, the barn people do not get whatever is going around.  It’s not just the fresh air, though.  David’s been out working on a project for several days for most of the day, and he, too, has gotten sick.  It’s something particular to working in the barn with the cows.  Any ideas?

IMG_1637In other news, the sunsets have been lovely lately, especially today.  I’m enjoying this dry spell.  And it’s still light enough at six to see what we’re doing out there.  I’m probably going to switch up the dinner and milking schedule next week.  I’d rather eat first and milk second.  Since the good Lord has not granted me the gift of bi-location, it’ll save me the effort of trying to be in two places at once.

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