8/365 O Christmas Tree!

IMG_6884a IMG_6886a IMG_6896aWe got our tree up and decorated!  It was a sorry looking thing, that tree.  “Don’t worry,” I said, “the lights and ornaments will make it look beautiful.” And they did!

I used my 50mm lens, which is too close for indoors on my camera, but I didn’t feel like switching, because it’s just so pretty.  I also had to use a high ISO because the lighting in my living room is really bad and I get too much motion blur otherwise, so there is also a lot of noise.  But, these are happy photographs, aren’t they?

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4 thoughts on “8/365 O Christmas Tree!

  1. Mommy

    First, the look on Evie’s face is priceless and perfect. She is beautiful.
    FYI I have that same snowflake hanging from the garland on the beam in the living room.
    I love how the light reflects off the cystal.
    Love you and miss you all,
    Mommy (Grandma)


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