A Story About a Lamp Post and a Blue Pick Up Truck

Back in February, I had to take Brenna to a surgeon in Louisville to discuss removing her wisdom teeth.  The whole family came along, as the surgeon’s office was just around the corner from a favorite craft store, but David had been feeling a little dizzy, and so I was driving.  We pulled into the small parking lot and, even though it was empty, I decided to back into a space for a quick getaway later.  We have great mirrors on the van, so backing up that great big vehicle is no trouble.  I was between the lines and I had my eye on the rear tire so I could stop at the edge of the pavement.

Instead, we all heard and felt a loud thunk!

I glanced in the mirror, but there was nothing there!  Upon further investigation, it was discovered that I had hit a lamp post with the trailer hitch.  I hadn’t seen it because it was perfectly aligned with the windowless space where the back doors meet!

David, however, has been teasing me about it ever since.

But no more!

Last week, he was backing into a parking space at our church.  It seemed to me that he was angled wrong to make the space I’d thought he’d chosen, so I glanced in the mirror to see what he was doing.  “Stop!” I yelled, but too late.  We all heard and felt a loud thunk! as the trailer hitch made contact with the bumper of the blue pick up truck that was already in the space.

“I didn’t see it,” David said quietly.

A person feels badly enough at a moment like that, so I smiled and said, “That’s way worse than a lamp post.”  He nodded sheepishly.  “So I guess you can’t tease me anymore,” I added.

“No, I guess I can’t,” he affirmed, with a slow smile.

I threw my hands up in victory.  “Yes! I’m free!”

The truck suffered only a small dent in the bumper, but we left a note with our apologies and contact information, and continued on our merry way, cheered by the thought that balance had once more been restored.

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One thought on “A Story About a Lamp Post and a Blue Pick Up Truck

  1. Barbara

    I do enjoy it when my husband does something he’s criticized me for, because he doesn’t always tease, sometimes he downright harasses. He has, on a few occasions, really given me heck for leaving a gas stove burner on after cooking. We have a Chemex coffee pot that sits on the low gas flame to stay warm. Now that he’s the only one making and drinking coffee, if that low flame is on after the coffee is gone, I know who did it, and though I know he wants to blame me, he knows it was he who did it. Sometimes he’s just in disbelief!

    PS I’m not very good at backing into spaces. I have a fear that there is something there that I can’t see, so I find a spot I can pull through instead.
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