Behind The Scenes

I’ve been working on my blog a bit, the functionality aspect.  You know – the nuts and bolts that make it work.  :-)

What I wanted to do was have an easy to update section for books, movies and recipes without cluttering up the feed.  Basically, there are some things I want to be able to post willy-nilly without having to worry about overwhelming you!

So I have a new menu bar, some of which are just category links, and most of those categories have been excluded from the feed, so you’ll only see them if you want to see them.  Which means you have to click.

If you’ve been wanting to do something like this yourself, I set up categories the way I wanted them, then used the WordPress custom menu generator to add clickable links to my top menu bar.  Then I installed the Ultimate Category Excluder plug-in to keep these posts out of the feed and off the main post page.  Settings for this plugin are found in the settings menu on the dashboard.

Happy blogging!

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