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Evie’s New Shoes

I’m pretty sure we haven’t seen much of Evie here lately. She’s seventeen months old, with a mind of her own and a heart of gold. And a new pair of shoes! She’s been running around barefoot lo these many months. She figured it was about time for shoes, so she can go just anywhere she wants, even across the gravel! And who could resist pink and purple!

You can right click on any picture to see it larger, but this one is my favorite:

Thank goodness for sisters!

Thank goodness for sisters!

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5 thoughts on “Evie’s New Shoes

  1. Rebekah

    Beautiful! Such love. Had to laugh as well since in the last few weeks my 4 year old has decided shoes are an unnecessary accessory!

  2. Mommy

    Love the picture story. She is one beautiful little girl. (seems she inherited her mother’s dislike of dirty hands!!!!)
    Love you all and I am enjoying all the pictures you post and the ones Beckie brought back for me.
    I am in Mommy and Grandma heaven.


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