Happy, Happy, Happy

Ah, I am a fickle thing, prone to wide swings of emotion.  This week started off just terribly.  I found out a child had only been pretending to do his school work.  My van ended up in the shop for $2500 in repairs.  And I’ve otherwise just been feeling tense and – immobilized.  Like I’m treading water and not making any progress on any front.

But!  But it’s Saturday!  The sun is shining, there is no rain in the forecast all week, and we have a pile of brush to burn tonight – s’mores!  The van came home today and I went to the grocery store with only my littlest children.  So fun to have only littles along!  And we’re going to grill pizza tonight and have invited some friends over.  That just feels a little bit like peace.

PS: I’m cancelling Mother’s Day this year.  Too much stress.  😉

8x10 IMG_9059 jonny potrait 8x10 IMG_9075 tommy portrait IMG_9067 van portrait IMG_9083 fancy daffodil IMG_9100



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