Just a Little Update

So I haven’t really had time to blog much for a while, and I thought you might like to know what’s going on here!

First, and most importantly, Dave’s dad has moved in with us.  Davey and Rosie went to pick him up in New Jersey earlier in the month.  They took the van – sans seats – and loaded up the rest of Ed’s household goods, and back home they came.  Longest week ever.   It was very, very nice to have them home again.  Not having an official bedroom for him, we emptied out the mudroom and prettied it up for Ed.  It’s quite cozy, and several children are interested in moving in if Grandpa decides to leave.  It has, however, quite upset the flow of things and people into and out of our house.  Takes a little getting used to, but we’re managing.  Other than that, life goes on as usual, just with an extra family member.

Picture of Evie the Goon with "unique" house in background. :-)

Picture of Evie the Goon with “unique” house in background. :-)

You may have noticed we haven’t been able to get our house construction project underway.  Well, our house is considered “unique”, and it turns out that lenders don’t particularly care for “unique” homes; it’s hard to evaluate how much they might be able to sell for, and so they’re having a hard time justifying the $175,000 loan.  Yup, $175,000.  With the original $150,000 we bought the place for, we’d have about $325,000 invested in this house and land.  Davey and I are unbothered by the thought that we might not be able to sell it for that much.  In fact, of course we couldn’t.  Who else would want an eight bedroom house in rural Meade County, Kentucky?!  But we’d have lived here for thirty years before we’d consider selling, and taking a loss there doesn’t concern us.  What does concern us is that the layout of the house is challenging to work with, and we seem to be a family still growing by leaps and bounds.  The older children will likely be here for a few more years, and we could use some more space.  Or a more efficient space.

Alas, no rich uncle has died and left us a small fortune, and Ed hasn’t won the lottery yet, so we don’t know what we’re going to do.

Quite a conundrum.

I’d like to thank you for your prayers and condolences on the death of my father, and I ask that you keep my mother in your prayers.  She’s on her own for the first time this week, I think, and her dad died on Saturday night, too, so she’s having a difficult month.  She’s doing well, but she could use the loving. :-)

Now, hopefully, we can figure out how to get back to some regularly scheduled blogging!  Lots of love, friends.


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7 thoughts on “Just a Little Update

  1. Sarah

    I don’t know how helpful this idea is, but I just read about these in the news yesterday. Something like this might be an option? http://www.medcottage.com/products.php

    Sometimes starting from scratch is cheaper than renovating an existing building. I’m sure there would be costs with plumbing and all, but it’s a thought.

    1. Jennie Cooper Post author

      I’ve been watching him, and I really think he’s better off staying in the house with us. He watches a lot of sports TV, but he comes in and out and chats with us, or just watches us, and he likes when we drop into his room to chat with him, too, and all that random interaction would disappear if he was in a separate building. I think he’ll live longer and have a better quality of life if we keep him close. So… While we’ve considered a separate building, we’ve pretty much ruled that out. Our builder mentioned, though, that we might be better off building an entirely new house rather than renovating this one. I don’t know. Still praying and pondering.

  2. Susanna

    Oui, been wondering about y’all and curious to learn how this merger was working out. I’ve pondered this sort of scenario, but could only find myself craving the separate space solution. God Bless you! May I get there too one of these days…

  3. CMerie

    Ug my heart hurts at the thought of you selling your home. I’ve loved vicariously through you for all this time. Of course you do what you have to though.

    Prayers for your family and especially your mom.
    CMerie recently posted…Oh Baby! Welcome!My Profile

    1. Jennie Cooper Post author

      We won’t be selling soon, not till the children are grown. We thought about it, though! Maybe a different house would be more suitable, but the logistics of moving a FARM knocked that right out of our heads. :-)


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