May 1, 2015: Attitude Adjustment

It was discovered on Monday that, for the second time this year, Jonny has fallen way, way, way behind on his school work.  I set him up with a new school/work schedule that does not allow for any leisure time, except for on Sundays.  Interestingly, on Monday, he was sullen and nearly silent.  By Friday, he was relaxed, smiling, and talking again.

I think he was so far behind that he was scared of being found out, but didn’t know how to catch up.  Once it was all out in the open, he didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Brenna was always like this, too, saying she’d finished her work just so she could run off to read a novel.  Delaney always likes to improve herself and so is self-motivated, and Megan has always been a diligent child, but Jonny admitted readily, “I don’t have any self-control.  I don’t have any willpower.”  Ah, well, knowing is half the battle, right?

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