May Grocery Challenge: Week 1

I started the month with my usual $800 in cash, and went shopping last Saturday (when my beloved van finally came home from the shop!)  I went to three stores last week: the local Kroger on Friday, where I spent $120, thinking my van might not be home till the following week and really needing some foodstuffs; Aldi, where I spent another $60, but on things that I expect to keep us for the whole month; and the Commissary, where I purchased the remaining items on my list for the week, but also a bag of dog food, which I do not consider part of my grocery budget, but I paid cash for it anyway.  I have $525 left for the month.

Here’s what we ate for the week, which is only slightly different from what we planned to eat.  There was an incident on Tuesday. :-)  I don’t plan lunch.  We either have sandwiches or leftovers.

Breakfast Dinner
F Eggs Benedict Casserole Mushroom Burgers w/ onion gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans
S Eggs Pizza
Su Bagels, then Apple Fritters after Mass Baked Ham, sweet potatoes, green beans
M Apple Raisin Oatmeal Monterey Beans and Rice
T Ham and Eggs Creamy Broccoli and Cheese Soup
W French Toast Liver with bacon and onion, fried potatoes, green beans
Th Eggs BBQ Pork chops, parmesan noodles, carrots
F Waffles Minestrone Soup

I’ve got a new menu plan and a new list to go shopping for today! I intend to go to the Commissary and Kroger and spend less than a hundred dollars. We’ll see how that goes. :-)

How’d you do this week?


Photo May 08, 2 10 30 PMI went slightly over budget this week, because there was a sale on Old El Paso items at the commissary. I bought 24 cans of refried beans, 18 jars of salsa, and 8 cans of diced chili peppers for $16.82. Total cost this week was $111.50, so I would have been under if not for the beans. :-)

Remember, I don’t have to buy meat, eggs or milk, but the amount I spend feeding livestock and paying the butcher is included in my grocery budget for a more accurate cost assessment.

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