Monday Morning Chat

The mood at Mass yesterday was rather subdued, and some people were conspicuously absent, but most of us are just holding our breath, waiting, hoping, praying.  We’ll know by mid-week whether or not Father David wants to give us another chance. I hope he knows that most of us want him, that we chose him when we knew there were sides to choose, and we would have stood at his side had we known there was a battle to be won.  I’ve lost a lot of sleep over this situation.

But, in the meanwhile, life has gone on, and maybe we should just catch up real quick.  :-)

My birthday is this Wednesday, but the girls start college this week, too, and between that and their work schedules, last Thursday was the only day we could go out for my annual birthday bowling party. We used to go bowling all the time at Fort Stewart.  They had a lunch deal for two games, one shoe rental, two slices of pizza and a large coke. We only needed a couple of extra shoe rentals to have an hour and a half of fun for around $20. Well, there are more of us now, and we’re older, but they have a deal here that we love just as much: one lane for two hours for up to six people, with a large pizza and a pitcher of soda, all for $25, shoes included. We get two lanes and have a blast, but it’s only available on Thursdays, so we try to coordinate for everyone to come.

That gets harder and harder all the time. The coordination.  :-)

This is the first time we’re participating in the Kentucky State Fair. I dropped off some photographs, but it took me forever to choose because the categories were a bit too narrow for me. They weren’t my best photographs, but they weren’t my worst, and the fellow who checked me in said, “These are pretty good. You look like you’re serious. Where do you live? Would you be interested in joining our club?” Alas, the photography club is an hour away, and I don’t know if I could – or should – make the trip, even just once a month. But it was very nice to be noticed.

My photographic preferences run toward the macro, or, as Brenna put it, “You see beauty in the details.” And I’ve been working on portraiture, because these children are beautiful.

IMG_0288This is a favorite of mine, taken the day my beloved 50mm came back from the shop. Delaney is one of my favorite models, because she isn’t shy and generally strikes a dramatic pose for me. She always wanted to be a model. Meggie is my second favorite, because she always freezes exactly as she is and gives me time to mess with my camera settings if I need to. But this one couldn’t go to the fair, because the portrait category specified two or more people. With two people, I have trouble making both sets of beautiful eyes sparkle.

In other news, it’s time to lay off the sugar and double down on the vegetables.  Two winters ago, we went paleo for a few weeks and loved it, even though it was a challenge to avoid those processed carbs, and I don’t believe in giving up milk.  😉  It didn’t help the problem we were hoping it would help, but we did all feel generally more healthful and energetic.  We’ve been enjoying sweets a little too often lately, though, and it’s time to go cold turkey.  Right after we’re done eating all those cookies and that apple cake left over from my fair baking this weekend.

I’m out of time to chat.  There’s real work to be done – children to raise and cows to milk – and life doesn’t slow down for anybody or anything.  Thanks for listening.  If you’re feeling chatty, too, leave me a note or a post link so I can stop by your place.  Love you!

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4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Chat

  1. Barbara

    Good luck on your fair entries. I imagine a club would take the fun out of it for you, but it is nice to be asked. :-)
    Noah started freshman year of college today. He was nervous and not happy that they switched his schedule on Friday and gave him an 8 a.m. class. He was not looking fresh and ready to tackle the world this morning!
    Barbara recently posted…My Assumption BabyMy Profile

    1. Jennie Cooper Post author

      That thought did briefly occur to me, that it would become more of a chore than a pleasure. Now that you’ve said it, I think that seals it for me. :-)

      Poor Noah! Laney’s class starts at 8 in Tuesdays, but we’re early risers anyway.

      Is he living at home or away?

  2. Dy

    Praying for a healing, nourishing resolution with your parishioners and Father.

    I love your images – you capture the beauty that is everywhere, and that is a special gift. (Some of us are more cut out for, say, taking mug shots…) It’s a delight to see the work of someone who enjoys it and has worked to develop her skills.


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