File Jan 11, 8 18 43 AMThis is what our roads look like.  A layer of ice, under a layer of snow, turned to slush under the tires of passing vehicles, refrozen…

We don’t salt or sand in our neck of the woods, and the snowplows only come out if there’s actually something to plow, so… we slip and slide.

But today is Monday, and the world keeps on spinning, bad roads or not!

Delaney was the first one out this morning, for her first day of her second class at the community college.  “If the roads are too slippery,” I said, as I hugged her goodbye, “come back.”

“Okay, Mama,” she answered dutifully, and by which I completely understood that she wasn’t coming back under any circumstances.

But that’s okay.  She knows I need her to be safe and secure, and I know she needs to go live her own life.  She did call me when she got there, to tell me she’d safely arrived, so I wouldn’t have to worry about her lying in a ditch all morning, which is just as good.  Probably better.

It’s a bit of a trick for teens and their parents to learn how to give each other what they each need, to see the heart that lies behind the words.  It takes a lot of grace and love and patience.  But if you can figure it out?  The reward is the sweetest friendships you’ll ever have, because, I hope, those teens are some of the best people you know.

Don’t hold onto them too tightly.  Don’t take the things they say too much to heart.  And make sure they know, every day, that you love them no matter what.  Don’t underestimate that.  That unconditional love goes a long way toward smoothing the bumpy transition from child to adult.  It really does.

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