{P, H, F, R} Summer Already?


8x10 IMG_9161 grass headsIt seems like Spring has hardly made her appearance, but already Summer is shouldering her out of the way!  Everything is so green and lush, almost overgrown, the temperatures have soared into the nineties, and if not for a certain paleness in the sky, I would think it was early July rather than early May.  I love the stillness and silence of the afternoons, as no man nor beast cares to be active in this heat.


IMG_9138 diapers cloth clotheslineThere is a very real pleasure in hanging clothes on the line, and I have missed it this winter.  We still hung our laundry indoors, but it’s just not the same.  Also, with our current high heat and low humidity, everything dries lickety-split.  :-)


IMG_9145 young amtgardersMonkey see, monkey do!  If you are new here, their dad and two older siblings participate in a thing called Amtgard, in which grown people dress up, meet at local parks, and wage pretend war on each other with foam swords.  Penelope has already lost both her legs and Tommy just lost an arm.  Still, the battle goes on!


IMG_9154The work of summer has begun!  We have chicks in the field, and compost in the garden.  Three cows are bred, and we dehorned three calves yesterday.  (Horrible work, that.)  Two pigs have gone to the processor, and fresh piglets are due in, oh, two and a half months or so.  We have a steer on a fattening-up program, and vegetables to plant this weekend, and the farm just seems to take on a life of it’s own this time of year.  I hope I have the energy for it!  Some days, I just feel so worn out and weary, but I always think the work has been worthwhile, once we reach the end of it.  :-)

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4 thoughts on “{P, H, F, R} Summer Already?

  1. KristyB

    I love my clothesline. I don’t have as much time in the day to make use of it right now, but this week I purposefully did just so I could have that small bit of my day to enjoy as I liked. Who would think hanging a load of underwear on the line would be refreshing?

  2. Jennie Cooper Post author

    It’s such pleasant work, hanging the laundry, taking it down when dry, neatly stacking it in the basket for folding later… The sunshine, the toddlers, the dog, the birds… just so pleasant. And oddly comforting and reassuring. :-)
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  3. Kellie

    Thanks for the prayers this morning! I enjoyed looking through your blog- you have a beautiful family and life! Blessings to you today.


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