{p,h,f,r} Is This Winter?


8x10 rusty boltsWhat, you don’t think rusty bolts are pretty? :-) Actually, here’s something I’ve been considering today:

Ask anybody doing truly creative work and they’ll tell you the truth: They don’t know where the good stuff comes from.  They just show up to do their thing.  Every day. (Steal Like an Artist)

This is how I feel about motherhood.  Anybody who tells you that mothering is not a creative endeavor is lying!  I have this vision of what our family life should be, and I’ve spent my entire career pushing and coaxing my people in that direction, bending and shaping them while still giving them plenty of space to let their own individuality shine.  People ask where my ideas come from, how I’ve been able to raise my children to be this or that, but there it is: I just show up every day and do my thing.

Now here’s the funny thing: When I consider whether I am being successful as a mother, I measure my reality against my vision.  But when I consider whether other creative work is good or not, I compare it against other people’s.  And I fall short more often than not, and shy away from sharing that work or even continuing to practice it.  Because I’m not good enough.  My work isn’t good enough.

What do you think about that?


8x10 Evie grinsI’ve already shared this image on instagram and facebook, but I can’t get enough of this face!  Love, love, love.  This girl is so full of wonder and delight and love.  Pure sunshine, she is!


8x10 girls on slideIt’s been crazy lovely here in our little piece of heaven-on-earth, and so I took the children to the park yesterday.  Look at us not wearing coats!  In December!  Anyway, Rosie was holding Evie and helping her down the slides, but every time Evie went down, she’d squeeze her eyes shut tight, like whatever was coming was just too scary to face.  She kept going down again and again, though, so I guess she wasn’t too traumatized!


IMG_1249Always with the septic problems.  That’s what comes of having eleven people in one house, I suppose?  Fortunately, nobody cares if we do our own digging out here.  Davey’s adding drainage to divert some of the rain away from our leach field.  Hopefully, that helps!

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