{P,H,F,R} On A Cloudy Day

Well, just everyday is cloudy lately, and I confess it is starting to take it’s toll on my attitude. My motivation walked out last week. And photography? Is there anything less beautiful than early winter on a cloudy day? It’s all death and decay and dreariness. And on that cheery note:

…is my Brenna, working on an assignment on this rare warm day. She’s nearly done with her first semester at the community college and I’m interested to see how she’s performed. She seems like she’s been managing her time well, and I hope it shows in her grade sheet. :-) Today is her last day of classes, with only one final exam next week. It’s a happy Advent for her!
blog IMG_6429

She is just overjoyed when she gets to be at home with her family, what with her education and her job keeping her away so much. Brenna is not only Evie’s big sister, but her Godmother, too, so they have a special bond. They are always this happy to be together!
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Now for some nerdiness: my family is suddenly into something called LARPing. Sounds a little lewd, doesn’t it? It stands for Live Action Role Playing, and my fantasy lovers (AKA Davey, Delaney and Jonathan) are creating costumes and practicing with their pool noodle swords in anticipation of the spring event. Seems like wholesome family fun, anyway!
blog IMG_6497

The detritus of summer still scattered all over the yard, collecting the autumn leaves that blow by with every new storm.  We haven’t had a chance to clean up anything yet, but we’d better get on it!  blog IMG_6490a

Oh, and don’t tell anybody, but I’m kind of looking forward to deep cold.  Warm winters here are gloomy, but cold weather usually means sun!

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5 thoughts on “{P,H,F,R} On A Cloudy Day

  1. Charity

    Yes, I like the ground to freeze good and solid, and the weather to be clear. Everything stays so much cleaner – the baby calves, and our boots.

  2. Mommy

    Hello my first born. I am so thankful and happy for this site. Since I can’t be near in person, this allows me to see my beautiful and precious grand children and makes my heart sing.

    Thank you and kiss everyone for me and tell them I love them so much.

  3. Amanda

    Beautiful photos and love that your oldest daughter is your youngests’ Godmother. Beautiful! You have such a beautiful family! I hear you on the winter thing, though. I don’t do winter well.


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