{P,H,F,R} Posting Sans Keyboard

I haven’t been here in a while! Guess what? The keyboard on my laptop is broken. Well, not the whole thing, just the left-hand shift and control keys, along with z, and the cluster including b, n, and the space bar. I can live without the z, it turns out, and I can think of alternate words that don’t rely on the b, but the loss of n and spaces is catastrophic to one’s ability to type anything at all. Fortunately, there are alt code keys for small work like searching, but that won’t do for a larger piece. I’m tapping this out on my iPod, and then I’ll add the photos at the PC. There will not be any editing, so, hopefully, this is sensible and properly punctuated!


Oh, just some random pictures of our waterfront area. It’s been raining for days and days and days. We’ve forgotten what sunshine looks like!  Everything is a hopelessly muddy mess, but the forecast is just for more rain. All photos, therefore, shall have a dingy, gray cast to them. Sorry.



My people, just milling around, being themselves, down by the river on a rainy, dreary day, with a cruise ship in the background.




Well, what do you know! We’re a tourist attraction! The American Queen docked at our little park, deployed her own little bridge, and sent her passengers off to waiting buses for various sightseeing tours. Who knew?



Meanwhile, there is a steady stream of locals driving by to snap pictures, while the travelers wave from the decks. Which is pretty funny, actually, but definitely oh-so-real. :-)

Hope you all are having a lovely summer! I’m hoping for some more regular posting soon, after I find a USB keyboard I can plug in to this silly computer. We’re well past its expiration date, but I’m wanting to limp along for a bit longer before we have to replace it. In the meanwhile, this wasn’t so bad.  :-)

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One thought on “{P,H,F,R} Posting Sans Keyboard

  1. Anne

    Yay! I’m glad the ipod is working in a pinch! I hope you get a working keyboard and come back soon! Love that picture of your whole crew.


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