Socks For Sale

***SOLD!!!*** Thanks for looking! They won’t be done in time for Christmas, but if you’d like to place an order, just send us an email!

Meg's Socks for SaleOur Megan is a very talented knitter, and she very much enjoys knitting socks.  Alas, yarn is expensive, and in order to feed her yarn habit, she thought she’d open herself a little business, selling her knitted goods.  These socks are made of smooth, non-itchy wool and are completely washable.  The stripes are two different shades of pink on a charcoal gray ground.  She alternated which pink she started with, so they’re each slightly different, but make a very cute pair!  They’re sized for a women’s shoe size 8-10.  $50 for the pair, shipping included, and we can accept paypal or checks if you’re known to us.  :-)

If you’d like to have socks custom made in colors and sizes of your choosing, send us an email!

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