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  1. Elizabeth

    How do you do it, filling stockings so fast? My kids are four and two and thus don’t know that today was the 6th, and tomorrow is actually the day after st. nick’s day, but I was only able to get out to the store TODAY to get the things necessary. And we make it easy on ourselves by giving the same things every year (new mittens, oranges, and one small fun thing)

    All other days, the kids would have been with me. Did you just have that? How did you navigate that? Did your kids just know you filled the stocking? The orange in particular – it’s their favorite fruit and if I buy it, they want it NOW. There is no room for them forgetting that there is an uneaten orange in the house and thus they would have to realize that oh, that orange in my stocking is that orange mom wouldn’t let me eat for the last four days.

    My children are alarmingly good at math, for toddlers. So long as it involves uneaten fruit.


    1. armyoften Post author

      Hi, Liz! I feel your pain here. There have been many, many years that I could not purchase anything without the children knowing, because we were always together and they were small and Davey was deployed and we just didn’t have any options. We never tried to pretend that these stockings came from Santa/St. Nick. They are in honor of St. Nicholas, but not from him. That helps. Also, I tried adding small gifts in the beginning, but it was too much. I just put little food items in, things they don’t normally get, like hot cocoa packets and gummy fruits. And of course, the clementines. We don’t touch an orange until St. Nicholas’ Day! One time, I recall putting all the items into a sack that they couldn’t see through, while distracting the children with a bag of goldfish. When it was time to checkout, I handed it to the cashier, and I said, “Would you please scan these and put them right back into the bag? I’ll be right back.” We went and got a drink of water while she checked us out. :-) I admit it takes some creativity sometimes, and some just-letting-it-go at other times, but the kids don’t really care who filled the stockings. It’s a much anticipated tradition, and traditions help build up a family into something unique and wonderful. So when they ask for those oranges they obviously saw you buy, just smile and wink, and say, “Not until St. Nicholas Day!”


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