The New Range

We’re loving it!  I made donuts yesterday, and it held the oil at a perfect 375°.  No tacking up and down, trying to maintain temperature!  I made ricotta cheese and forgot to stir the milk because I was also reading blogs on the internet.  It didn’t scorch the bottom!  I baked two pizzas at one time with the convection setting and they came out perfectly and evenly.  No rotating and switching racks!

It only has one problem, and that’ll be a call to the installation man: the broiler is a terrifying solid sheet of flame which seems to be a little bit overkill.  I mean, the flames lick out the front when you open the door.  It melted my knobs!  But it works so quickly, you have to watch it, right? Other than that, we are content.

blog IMG_7154-001

In other news, as our social media friends already know, we are delving again into the cheese making business.  We make a killer mozzarella, and our ricotta is so good that I serve it for dessert (no-melt ice cream!) but we have not mastered the fine art of creating something cheddar-ish for our omelets and tacos.  The first one comes off the press this morning, and I’ll let you know in a month how it turned out.

Also, we’re going back to school today, because all this free time is wearing  even on little Tommy.  blog IMG_7137

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One thought on “The New Range

  1. Barbara

    Oooh, flaming broiler not good. Wonder what went wrong in the conversion that didn’t apply to the broiler?

    Your cheeses sound wonderful. I love making mozzarella — it’s like magic, but I have only store-bought milk, which isn’t quite fabulous.


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