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ortonish hay bales thunderstormWe’re having the most perfect weather this week.  All day long, the sun shines, drying the laundry on the line and letting us get our work done.  Then just after milking time in the evening, it starts to rain, and keeps it up right until it’s time to go back out for milking again in the morning.  Is that not perfect?  Sunshine all day, gentle rain through the night.  Perfect growing weather.

My washing machine is on the fritz, and that is always a bad, bad thing in a large family.  A small family can get by for a little while without, but a large family?  If I don’t do the wash every day, we’ll be buried in dirty laundry.  It doesn’t always drain and spin after the wash cycle.  This machine always rinses in cold, but the load I just took out was still warm from the first fill, and there were soap clumps on some items.  It always recovers itself by the last spin, though; I never find the tub full of water.  What do you think of that?  Why some times, but not others?  If a thing is going to be broken, I like it to be consistent so I can figure out what’s wrong.

Photo May 25, 10 38 20 AMHave you ever tried to inventory all of your books?  I have no idea what we own and so don’t utilize them as well as I might.  I’m using the Book Crawler app on my ipod.  It has a barcode scanner that fills in most of the information you’d want: title, author, illustrator, publisher, ISBN.  There a few fields that you can customize, too.  I use them to note the location of the book (I have book shelves anywhere I can fit one!), what grade or course I use it in, if appropriate, and whether it’s out of print.  There’s a tag field, too, so you could note topics there, and if you were searching for books in your library relating to Benjamin Franklin or horses or China, you should get a list of titles.  You can enter default settings, so that if you are scanning books in the office, the location would be automatically filled in, and it can be exported in a .cvs file for use in a spreadsheet program on your real computer.  It’s a time consuming project, but I think it will pay off.  Eventually!

Speaking of books, we are reading aloud The Chestry Oak by Kate Seredy.  She is such an amazing author!  Her prose is like music, and her characters are so bold.  This one takes place in occupied Hungary during World War 2, and it’s a magical read.  I am inspired and awed by the strength and determination and love of Prince Michael’s Nana, how she raises and guides her young charge in the way he should go, right under the noses of the enemy!  I feel like she’s a kindred spirit in a lot of ways.  :-)  We’re only halfway through, but I am quite confident recommending it for your own home library.  I guarantee you won’t be sorry!

insta evie IMG_9569I’m in the final week of planning for a charity event, and I’m so glad it’s almost over!  I have to admit I’ve enjoyed a lot of it, but it has taken quite a lot of time.  Some really amazing ladies have helped to pull it off, and I’m so thankful for them!  But I will still be glad when it’s over.  :-)

Last week at Mass, knowing full well she’s supposed to be quiet, Evie would speak out loudly, then look at me and say, “Uh, oh!  Shhh.”  Alas, she’s so danged adorable, I can hardly scold her.

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  1. Denise

    I love the picture of your kids on the sofa. We have seven here at our house – six boys, one girl. You look like you would have a lot of fun at your house! Big families are the best!!!!
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